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About Us
Specialist in all areas of Brazing utilizing the Silver
based Brazing alloys
  • Induction Heating
  • Torch/Flame
Silver Brazing is a lower temperature Brazing process then most furnace
type Brazing operations, such as Copper Brazing and Nickel Brazing. The
typical Brazing temperatures with our heating methods are approximately
1325 deg. Fahrenheit, while most furnace brazing temperatures are around
1950-2200 deg. Fahrenheit.    
When  lower temperature Silver Brazing alloys are combined with our
localized Induction Heating methods, the results are Brazed assemblies that
are more dimensionally and metallurgically unaffected by the Brazing

Induction Heating is a process that induces a high frequency magnetic field
to only the area of the part that is being Brazed. The rest of the part does not
get heated. In a furnace braze operation the entire part is heated to the
brazing temperature. This can result in unwanted size and metallurgical
changes in the assembly.

A properly designed and Brazed Silver Braze joint can have as much strength
as the base metals of the assembly. In many cases the formation of a good
Silver Braze fillet will actually make the assembly mechanically stronger.

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